We’re a team of world class operators and investors.

We have experience building and operating billion dollar companies.

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  • Serik Kaldykulov

    Serik Kaldykulov

    Founder/Managing Partner

    Serik invests in fintech, insurtech, and subscription-based consumer companies. He believes in businesses that create value by masterfully solving complex problems with a simple toolkit.

    He began his investing career as a public equities investor applying value investing principles pioneered by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd, a framework which later served as a cornerstone to Elefund’s investment approach.

    He founded Elefund with the support of David Mavashev.

    Hobbies: Hooping, Snowboarding, Reading

  • Nathan Rodland

    Nathan Rodland

    General Partner

    Nathan is a seasoned operator who has built teams across finance, HR, compliance, business development, and customer success. He partners with founders who are passionate about solving real-world problems and achieving massive scale.

    Nathan was the founding COO of Robinhood, which he grew to millions of customers and raised over $500M in capital. Prior to Robinhood, Nathan served as COO of Chronos Research on Wall Street.

    Hobbies: Sailing, Skiing, Wakesurfing

  • Arik Crissi

    Arik Crissi


    Arik focuses on the operations of Elefund and provides guidance and consultation where needed. He has worked with Elefund since inception and has contributed to the structure and development of the firm as it is today. He believes we can leverage modern technology to create incentives and equity for people to participate in solving problems that have historically been ignored and undervalued.

    Prior to taking a full-time role at Elefund, Arik worked in ground-level positions in a variety of industries including consumer electronics, semiconductor fabrication, waste-management, conservation and more.

    Hobbies: Tinkering, Art and Design, Exploring

Our Philosophy

  1. We partner with daring founders early, and build lifelong relationships.
  2. We invest from the pre-seed through Series A stages of Fintech, Enterprise, and Consumer facing businesses.
  3. We add value to our portfolio companies through our domain expertise and recent operational experience.
  4. We leverage our understanding of consumer behavior and experience in finding product-market fit, and we deliver that expertise to our portfolio companies.
  5. We seek meaning in our work. We’re passionate about developing human capital and building a better future for generations to come.