Early stage venture capital


Management team


    Serik Kaldykulov   General Partner


Serik Kaldykulov

General Partner

    David Mavashev   Founding Partner


David Mavashev

Founding Partner

    Arik Crissi   Operations Manager


Arik Crissi

Operations Manager


David Mavashev is a veteran of technology industry and definition of a hustler and hard worker. Ahead of his time, he founded and continues to oversee the day to day operations at Nastel Technologies - one of the most successful companies in performance management. David is an expert in the area of big data, cloud computing, and IT infrastructure. 

Serik Kaldykulov is an exceptional entrepreneur and investor. With a background in finance and interest in psychology, Serik transitioned into financial management by successfully applying core value investing principles and fostering the creative ability to connect the scattered dots. The careful development of a framework to analyze small private companies led to initial proof of concept which then led to the establishment of Elefund. 

Arik Crissi carries the entrepreneurial spirit and conceptually draws out the values and embedded principles of sustainability in business; from economics to social and environmental traits.  Arik takes a hand on approach to analysis by literally dissecting gizmos and business models seeking fundamental principles and competitive advantages of innovative technologies and approaches.  


We are each very different in our own style and personalities, but core values and character traits bring us together. Our portfolio illustrates our passion for breakthrough concepts and technology, and the performance of those companies indicates our discipline and ability to hedge risk in one of the most risky businesses.  What you can only get from long conversations is who we are day to day and who we will be decades from now. 

Thesis-driven VC for early stage tech companies