Early stage venture capital

Go big or go home

We are happy to announce that we've made an investment in revolutionary Hyperloop One of Los Angeles, CA.  

Why Hyperloop?

Globalization over the last several decades has illustrated that the speed, frequency and intensity of communication and transportation would increase from any given point on earth. While it is clear that communication has surpassed our expectations by orders of magnitude, transportation has remained rather stagnant in terms of speed, which consequently hampered frequency and intensity.

Evacuated tube transportation methods have been a deep interest of ours for nearly a decade... no lie. The white paper authored by Elon Musk via SpaceX and Tesla, illustrated a valid conceptualization of a potential transformative leap in transportation technology. There have been other notable and elaborate illustrations of potential methods to commercialize high-speed travel and it is our hope that this entire ecosystem and several counterparts emerge on a global scale. Nonetheless, Hyperloop One will play an integral part in reshaping the world of transportation as we know it.

An exceptional team of operators, engineers, and designers have come together to take on this bold challenge. These world-class managers should have plenty of opportunities to form and build partnerships with some of the largest manufacturing, construction, and transportation companies in the world in order to build a series of solutions in cost effective manner. 

In short, we believe Hyperloop will outlive us. The world faces big problems and relies on big thinkers to address these problems, and this is our path going forward. Feel free to join us.

Crafted in Colorado and California